Composite Decks

Composite decks otherwise known as synthetic or artificial decks, are an alternative to wooden or timber decking. These decks are aesthetically similar to wood. They are often in a brown colour, resembling wood. They can have various textures to their surface too.This results in the look and feel of the product resembling wood. However, they are made out of a combination of plastic and wood.

Low maintenance decking

A timber deck has the challenges of wear and tear.  A synthetic deck doesn’t require the ongoing maintenance of staining, sealing or sanding. The most you will be required to do on your composite deck is an occassional wash down with soap and water and every so often clean with an anti fungal additive to get rid of fungus such as algae. Less chance of wood eating insects attacking your composite deck . This adds to the appeal of such a deck.

Cost of Synthetic decks vs Wood

Synthetic decks are more expensive than Timber decks. However, when one looks at the overall cost of owning a composite deck vs a wooden deck, the wooden deck is more expensive to maintain over time. This would factor in things like labour required to sand, seal or coat the timber, the repair of old boards, cost of the sealants and paints. Our composite decks comes with a 25 year maintenance warranty from the supplier.