Timber Decks

Timber Decks are a gorgeous addition to any property whether it is a pool or sun deck we’ve got your back. Decks are our speciality at “Deckitout”, and you can rest assured that a deck built by us is done so in quality timber products (of your choice), built to proper building standards and following the correct building methods.

Choosing your timber deck will depend on a number of variables or constraints. We are used to working around the needs and requirements of our clients, and in doing so, create a beautiful timber deck to custom suit their needs.


We build custom timber decks, and have built a variety of weird and wonderfully shaped decks, from angular to curvy organic pool decks. The shape depends on the area available and the style of deck, you as the client, would like. 

Size-area of deck

We have built small bedroom balcony decks, to really large entertainment pool decks and suspended decks, these require structural engineers approval and sign off.

 Timber Decking Material

We work in Balau, Massaranduba and treated Pine.

Untreated Balau deck
Untreated Balau deck-will weather naturally
Treated Balau deck
Treated Balau, takes on a dark brown/red colour

Balau is a hardwood, ranging in colour from a light straw to dark red/brown. The colour largely depends if the wood has been treated or left to weather naturally.Balau has the added benefit of being toxic to wood eating insects! 



Massarunduba deck
Massarunduba, a deep reddish brown in colour

Massaranduba, is a medium to dark red/ brown colour. 

Pine, is a soft wood, pale yellow in colour. In order to use Pine as a deck, it needs to be CCA treated Pine, treated against insects.



Timber Decking maintenance

Any timber product to be kept in good condition requires attention.

Both Balau and Massaranduba Decking can be left untreated, or coated with a sealer.

We use quality approved sealers on the market. These are either oil or silicone based sealers, depending on the finish the client wants to achieve. A silicone sealer allows a deck’s timber to age naturally while an oil based sealer gives a more glossy finish.

Sealing is important as it provides a measure of protection to your deck from harsh UV exposure and adds protection against insects, fungus and dry rot.


Massaranduba is a more expensive wood than Balau, as it is a harder and more durable timber.

Finish costs on balau and massaranduba are roughly the same.